Sheketak & Bascula Co-Production, A combination of Dance, Theatre, Multimedia & Circus presented in 360ยบ!

Elements is a unique cooperation between Sheketak group & Bascula - A circus place in Tel Aviv.
 The show is a combination of Dance, Rhythm, Pantomime, live music, Multi-media and Circus acts...
 Elements is performed in 360º around the audience and makes them a part of the experience.
 The show is presented only in "Bascula" and to a limited amount of 200 people at a time.
Bascula also has a restaurant and Bar and the audiance is welcome to dine and have a drink before or after the show.
 The show is for the entire family and has some text (presented only in Hebrew)
Bascula is located in Ha'Rakevet st. 72 Tel Aviv